Estimate the value of an antique doll

Estimate the value of an antique doll

Antique dolls are additional and more sought after by collectors. They also demand a good number of adults, because they are the vector that brings them back to their nearly everyone beautiful memories of childhood.

The nearly everyone beautiful of these antique custom bobbleheads dolls is very realistic and dressed in clothes designed with sumptuous fabrics. Their heads are made of biscuit, porcelain, or sometimes papier mache. Their members are made of similar material.

The antique dolls owners often wonder how to approximate the value of these precious objects. This guide presents here the essential criteria for determining an estimated value before consulting an expert.

The aesthetics of the old doll

The primary thing to take into account to approximation the value of an old doll is its universal condition including aesthetics, it is, therefore, essential to review the following elements: The quality of the mold and the place where it was poured. The paints in custom bobbleheads and a variety of colors used by the painter who drew and painted the lips, eyebrows, etc. The resources of the dolls, particularly those used for the head (porcelain, biscuit, celluloid, etc.).The original condition: that neither the head nor the body of the doll was replaced during restoration.

The mark of an old doll and the various original parts

The brand of an old doll plays a big part in its favor if it is a well-known brand. We find the marking on the neck, on the back of the doll, or on his shoulder. The following basics are usually recorded: the name of the doll manufacturers, the successive number, and the year of manufacture or the initials of the manufacturer. Among the biggest brands of antique dolls, we can note the most famous like:

When an antique doll has worth, it must also be in high-quality condition and complete. The more the unique parts are present, the higher its value.

Thus, a totally original bobbleheads doll is worth a large amount more than a doll, some of whose members have been changed during a renovation. His rib will be even higher if the clothes and hair are in very good condition and have never been replaced since the creation of the doll.

It is understood that an old and entirely original doll can be very rare and therefore have a significant market price. If it is original and is dressed in less old clothes, but in good condition, it will still have value and can be sold at a good price.


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